Trading Advisor

Our professional alliances, including barristers, certified public accountants and legal advisers, can assist  you in  risk management  and tailor-made an investment project, in order to provide enough information for your decision makings.

Financing Arrangement

In order to expanse the business for the companies in China and Hong Kong, we provide different financing options for the amount ranged from HK$ 1 million to HK$ 10 million.  The financing options can be divided into three different loans or agreement.

We have been successful in assisting clients to apply for the following loans or agreement:

  • Government guaranteed loans for SMEs;
  • Machinery leasing;
  • Cash transfer by credit card income.

Our alliance funds partners can help you to analysis your business and find out the potential investments, we provide professional advices and financing analysis to assist you in achieving the business goal.  We work closely with major banks in Hong Kong in order to provide financing services to you.

Our professional team can become your financing advisor;with the close relationship with major banks in Hong Kong and solid experience in the requirements, procedures, financing conditions and application strategy on corporate financing, we can properly help you to solve the corporate financing problems, such as Government guaranteed loans for SMEs.

Project Evaluation

We work with a powerful network of alliances, including lawyers, investment advisers and corporate finance consultants to provide comprehensive corporate consultancy services and fulfill the requirements under the listing rules and other relevant corporate governance for your company.

Our professional evaluator can provide a comprehensive analysis to your company, and assess the company’s fair value accurately.  We can also provide independent evaluation opinions on mergers and acquisitions, private placements and review of yearly financial reports.

Mergers & Acquisition

During the merger and acquisition, the company must have enough professional knowledge to access the potential investment, and select the suitable company for acquisitions and mergers.  We can provide an independent evaluation report and communicate with relevant experts to discuss the mergers and acquisitions.  Being an agency of your company, we can transfer you to our professional alliances and select the most suitable investors.  We can also provide the confidential information, the implementation of due diligence and legal advice  by our alliance partners.

Listing Consultation in Hong Kong and America

Our professional consultants can provide you with effective and comprehensive listing plans, and coordinating with the professional alliances, including accountants, lawyers and other sponsors and co-operations.  We provide comprehensive professional services during the listing process, included preparing feasibility report, contacting securities commercial, providing company’s restructuring and tax planning, improving and developing a internal control system, providing training to the relevant staff, bookkeeping and auditing and assisting company to draft the initial public offering.

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