Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

All the services provided are  Computer-based.   We help clients to develop their own accounting system to obtain accurate and timely financial information, in order to increase their competitiveness.

Auditing Services

Our firm provides independent, objective and quality-based auditing services.It not only  minimizes the risk, but also improves the of the financial reporting system and increase the profitability.

Internal Audit Control

The main objectives of internal control are to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the company’s financial information, safeguard their assets; to ensure compliance with all financial and operational requirements; and to generally assist in achieving the business objectives.

From the evaluation and test on the internal control by our professional auditing team, the legality, adequacy, effectiveness as well as the suitability of the company can be assessed.

Tax Planning

With our professional accounting knowledge and experience in China and Hong Kong Tax system, we can help our clients to ensure that the eventual tax liabilities are kept as low as possible, thereby increasing their profit margin in a legal and efficiency way.

Tax Investigation

If you are a tax investigation target of Inland Revenue Department, we believe that our professional team can help you achieve the best results.  Our goal is to help you to tackle the tax investigation, thereby you can focus on managing your daily operation.

  • Our tax investigation services are as follows:Analysisng data amd report tax related issues;
  • Communicating with Inland Revenue Department to negotiate the tax investigation methods;
  • Accompanied by the clients to attend the meeting with Inland Revenue Department;
  • Reporting the tax investigation result to Inland Revenue Department; and
  • Negotiate the penalty amount with Inland Revenue Department.
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