Investment Immigration

If you own more than HK$ 10 million, you can immigrate to Hong Kong through the Capital Investment Entrant Scheme (CIES).

Our Certificate Public Accountants can provide you with a cost effectively one-stop accounting and business services.  From the application of the CIES to the  preparation of report to Immigration Department, we all can  handle for you. According to our professional experience, it can make the application process more smoothly.

Trust & Estate Services

Our referred experts will provide you tailor-made trust services.

  • Personal Trust: Clients put their private property and assets into a trust, and the trustors will follow the agreement to manage the trusted property and pay a fixed amount to the trustee or beneficiary.  This can protect the property, avoid waste, asset allocation, save taxes and have the control power to achieve the wealth accumulation purposes.
  • Will: A will can help you to achieve your wishes that you cannot do by yourself.

Insurance & Wealth Management Services

Through our professional financial planner network, we can assist our clients to invest in different movable and immovable goods.  We can provide a professional planning on the personal or family income The individual or family can enjoy a complete income planning and thus increase the net asset

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